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A while back we added the DiscordBot service to MyRobotLab.  The Discord Bot service acts as a gateway.  

The DiscordBot service implements 2 interfaces in MyRobotLab, the first is UtterancePublisher and the UtteranceListener.  

The idea is that DiscordBot connects to a discord server using the Discord java API.  The DiscordBot logs into the server using a security token that is associated with a discord bot user. 

The discord bot is permissioned to get and send messages from some channels or direct messages.  Currently, the discord bot only supports text messages,  (audio/video is not supported at this time.)

The DiscordBot service acts as a gateway that converts the discord messages into Utterances.

On the MyRobotLab side, then ProgramAB can listen for those utterances, process the utterance to produce a response utterance.  This response utterance is then published to the DiscordBot service.  The DiscordBot service then relays the response to the appropriate channel on the Discord server.

So, here's a diagram:

ProgramAB and DiscordBot


Ok, and here's some simple python code that can start the discord bot service and the programab service.


Example configuration (from branch develop):
connect: true
listeners: null
peers: null
token: null
type: DiscordBot