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Because we are always in front of the screen, we need to know what is the weather outside !

The cloud service OpenWeatherMap will do the job

Get your free API here :

Example code (from branch develop):
owm=runtime.start("owm", "OpenWeatherMap")
owm.setKey("YOUR_KEY") #you can use this only once
owm.setUnits("metric") # or imperial
owm.setLang("en") # fr / de ... TODO use locale
# unit is 3 hours steps (1) , from 1 to 40 ( today to 5 days )
# fetch raw data for tomorrow (8) -> because 3*8=24H
# fetch raw data for today (1) -> tomorrow is 1 :
print "Raw code : ", owm.getWeatherCode()
print "Town ", owm.getLocation()
print "The weather is ", owm.getWeatherDescription()
print owm.getDegrees(), owm.getLocalUnits()
print "Humidity ", owm.getHumidity()
print "Min Degrees ", owm.getMinDegrees()
print "Max Degrees ", owm.getMaxDegrees()
print "Pressure ", owm.getPressure()
print "Wind Speed ", owm.getWindSpeed()
print "Wind Orientation ", owm.getWindOrientation()
Example configuration (from branch develop):
currentTown: null
currentUnits: null
  autoStart: true
  name: httpClient
  type: HttpClient
listeners: null
    autoStart: true
    name: openweathermap.httpClient
    type: HttpClient
type: OpenWeatherMap