Release Notes

This page will document the new features and functions of each release.  If you want notification of updated releases subscribe or comment on this page and you will get notifications of changes via email.

Releases can be found here :




  • Dumped Arduino EditToolbar - and updated with use "real" buttons 
  • Fixed terrible bug exists in Java Console - when a log from log4j comes and writes to the swing component - if the swing component is not rendered it will prevent all of the gui from displaying (very bad)
  • Fixed Logger gui, now resizable
  • Move the board switch to Arduino IDE (only) - remove from config
  • Uniform board type switch
  • Bogus Arduino gui check for updates 
  • Added cc.arduino - which was not part of original service dependency description of Arduino 
  • "OnFinish" Progress dialog should stop spinny icon - and change text Errors or Complete -> restart?
  • Crashes are occuring because of  Base.setIcon(dialog) not getting the icon which needs to be fixed
  • Preferences dialog not showing buttons (wrong size) icon not displaying either.
  • Fixed - when 2 MRL instances are connected - you can not stop them - has to do with the "Phone" not disconnecting most likely on Window.close()
  • TCP & UDP Communicators refactored
  • If a serviceData.xml is not found locally, MRL will grab the latest from the repo.
  • Fixed Roomba GUI & Serial Device issues with Roomba
  • Better logging
  • Created Heartbeat interface for network connectivity
  • Added Java console & Jython console to Jython service

New Functionality

  • Fixed Jython service bug, when Jython error occures, it loses in box thread
  • Progress dialog needed auto-update scrollbar and constant header space
  • Finalized Progress dialog with result after update
  • Unzip processing added to update system
  • New repo dependencies do not demand update on upgrade check
  • Remove bogus view fullscreen in Arduino IDE


Known Issues

  • Arduino IDE mac package created in repo
  • Arduino GUI is not completely seperated from the service, so the service will need to run on the same hardware as the GUI
  • Check for updates only checks repo once, should not cache results
  • Serial port contention between Arduino editor & service
  • Switching between boards not supported 


New Functionality

  • MRLClient can send messages over UDP or TCP
  • New MRLClient tutorial


New Functionality

  • Dependency Manager - This new functionality will allow MyRobotLab to query the MRL repo for updates.  It will allow the option to install new services or upgrade older ones.  There will be more information regarding development, beta, and stable releases.


  • Arduino GUI is not done - but there are some interfaces which can be used.


  • ajax web gui - is now part of MRL although at this release you can not start it from the swing gui
  • revised Ant script with working JUnit tests


  • Although the dependency manager is sending out event notification of downloads, download completing, etc. it is not notifying the gui - I made a "progress dialog" .. don't know where it went :P
  • This release I only ran junit tests on Windows so be forewarned
  • Start showing up when service isn't installed on right-click
  • 2 starts showing up when service is right clicked.  Use the one with the stop-watch
  • Arduino.Editor not useful yet.
  • Logging is defaulted to debug
  • Make note jython.bat will not start jython until it is installed as a service
  • MRLClient ant script is windows specific