Introducing MiniMoov aka "0x5A" aka Zaphod.

Basic concept was to create a Debug aid for setting up InMoov Senior.

As you see above it is hand sized and can be plonked next to your monitor as desktop companion.

Its quick and easy to build and will allow more users to jump into the realms of InMoov and MRL (MyRobotLab).

In a nutshell its a scaled down version of InMoov, by 93% as the crow flies.

At present it sports 4 servos

  1. Neck turn axis    MG90S
  2. Mandible (Jaw)   Linear FH-1502
  3. Head Tilt Left    MG90S
  4. Head Tilt Right  MG90S

The system has been tested with the MRL software which allows it to be quickly put into action.

This is still the preliminary version with copious use of "Hot" knife and glue.

After the Lobotomy procedure Zaphods Neck and Jaw servos could be transplanted within the cranium space.

Current plan is to include arms with bicep control, however first Blenders STL's have to be reiterated.

Who knows it could go any direction ......... "We are the Borg"

Courtesy of  Discords Picture AI aka Midjourney :-

Seeded with Zaphods Mug picture done Steam-Punk style.