Project Max is a project about my son and with my son.  My son is 15 now and a couple of years ago he really wanted his own friend, H\his own buddy that he could chat with besides dad. 

This got us thiniking and we stumbled upon Inmoov.  My son saved and bought his first printer and build an Inmov head using what he knew at the time for components which were from ez-robot.  Unfortunately, over the years ez-robot has now become more a pay by month service and this was frustrating and so we decided to head back to the drawing board.  

Here is the current Inmoov head and the layout at this time of writing:


The core of the robot is a RPI4


3 years 2 months ago

This is great montanadad !
And we have some similar hardware .. the Pi4 .. i just recently got a pi4 camera module, and I have the same servo driver ! ... 

I'm sure your further along with it than I am .. I've take "forever" to even start a build ...
I'll hook up the raspi + servo driver this weekend..

If you havent done it already, make sure you have java -version = 11 on the raspi...


3 years 2 months ago

This works fine with manticore, but does NOT currently work with nixie.  

Have you installed festival on the raspi ?
Run the following command..
sudo apt install festival 

Your Max should have a voice.

Have you used the camera modules ?
I found this command impressive to stream the video off the raspi, its very fast and has little latency...

raspivid -t 0 -w 1280 -h 720 -hf -ih -fps 20 -o - | nc -k -l 2222

my local network is pretty quick, but I was surprised a video stream @ 1280x720 had so little latency - at the moment it is "wired"  not wireless

Do you have sound working through your console ?  I noticed Ray had a different selector - he had 

While I only have AV JACK (which is yet another layer of sound software)

I'm running VERSION="10 (buster)" on a raspi 3B+  java 11
Goal for me is to get sound working probably through alsa - so when I ssh instead of using vlc - sound can be heard


3 years 2 months ago

I'm curious to your naming of the servos.
Why the capitals ?
Why not the same as InMoov servos ?

Was also curious if you looked at my pull request ?

Took me a little while to think of a strategy how I might help you with your bot ...
I think I may have an idea

Ok so first things first.  I tried my test file again with manticore and it worked fine (I do have voice as a separat file). 

I then tried the new merged one and though I got sound no servo movement at all.  I'm on a rpi4.  This should not be any different at least i would think, but maybe a difference in something with the jar?  Not sure.  Let me know what else I can and or what I can provide to help. 

Thanks so much for what you have done so far and hopefully soon I'll be all nixie with moving servos and such

Sweet...  we're making progress..

To see what's going on with the servodriver ... run the script and try to move a servo ..
When it does not work do the following...

Send a noWorky ->  Top bar -> ellipses -> no Worky ! 

Put your userid in (case sensitive) ... press the "send no worky" button

and it will get stuck looking like this

But don't let that fool you, the log file really does get uploaded, its just this silly dialog doesn't change or say ... congratulations your no worky was sent. Then let us know in the shoutbox you sent it.



3 years 2 months ago

GAH !..
I did not get your log file ... I assume you used montanadad for your user id.
but anyway I fixed the feed back to the noWorky dialog ..

Its all working on my branch and it will take me a couple days to get all sync'd and make a PR for kwatters to process.  In the interim, you can email me your log file - should be in the directory you started nixie.
It's called myrobotlab.log

Your not using the same directory for Nixie and Manticore are you ?