The tittle says it all, but here is a little image to show what happened.

I think it was working properly in June 2020.

This cause also trouble to select the drop down menu for voices.

version Nixie 1.1.407



3 years 2 months ago

It helps if I read the title :P
Checking ....


3 years 2 months ago

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Starting through runtime - seems fully worky...

Starting through InMoov2 ui seems to be stuck on MarySpeech...

how did you stick it to Polly?

Hello Grog,

It seems you run another version than me.

I have installed the latest 1.1.407

If I launch LocalSpeech in windows, the UI looks like that:

Here is the current code for LocalSpeech webgui:

Which code are you using to get a different UI ?

I believe this is what happened ...
In my opinion Polly has a cleaner speak interface.
You can press enter or the Speak button - the text goes away after sent ..
The drop down language supports both pre defined voices, but you can also type in something if required

I think LocalSpeech was in the process of being updated, but never fully done - the parts were copied over from Polly

The reason my displayed correctly is because there was a variable isReady on my system that was false - and it removed the Polly parts.

I saw in your PR you commented the Polly fields out ... it has been merged.

I have made a note to "Standardize all Speech UIs" .. but that will take some time and review.

Clean install of 408 on Ubuntu gives me this now from your PR

You can't actually select the voice, but there's only one and it appears to work ono my system...

Thanks Grog for the reply.

Indeed it works in Linux, but unfortunately  doesn't dropdown the voices in Windows.

Hey guys

can you fix the chatbot so it remembers the previous session?

right now, no matter how many times i run the program or how i save files in the chatbot (aiml etc.) , it always starts over saying it is the first time it ran (something to do with FIRST_INIT)