Register Services

How one instance of MyRobotLab makes contact with another instance.

If MyRobotLab is running on two different machines, they have the capability of contacting one another and sharing resources.

RegisterServices is a method initially called to contact a remote process. Often it will be a GUI sending this request over the wire to be received by a RemoteAdapter.  If the registration of foreign services is successful, the request is echoed back to the sender, with new local service definitions from the targeted process.

OpenCV Filter Sequence

OpenCV is one one of the more complex services.  It has a set of filters which can be applied through the gui to a video stream.  Each filter can be configured to behave differently, and hence each filter needs its own configuration display.

In this sequence data flows back and forth between the filter display, managed by the GUIService and the actual filter managed by the OpenCV service.