If your system has many parts, it is sometimes nice to detach and arrange them in the most convient way depending on how your working.  As an example the InMoov service may have up to 22 servos.  When capturing gestures its nice to have al lthe relevant service tabs arranged in such a way that gestures can be tweaked and code can be modified.

To detach a service tab right-click and select detach.  Position the tab on your screen in best location and size.  The next time you start MRL, the tab will auto-magically spring back to the size and location which you previously selected !



10 years 4 months ago

This is very cool, of course my screen is not big enough because of the 22 servos tabs.

I have a little problem and I'm wondering if I'm the only one. It seems, I need to always stretch/expand in length the detached tabs otherwise, when using the slider, the servo jitter. Once stretched it works fine.

It would be fantastic for to work on InMoov gestures if we could create two long tabs, left/right, containing all servos at once, specially when working on a smaller screen.

Mmmh, some more work  for Grog...


10 years 4 months ago

The slider controll collapses when its pushed beyond the frame.  This was happening, because the servo position was at the end and it would expand for new values.

I've moved the position readout at the bottom, so it should not affect the slider adversly.

Unfortunately, when selecting an arduino, the combo-box expands too.  However, with InMoov this should already be selected before you detach - so it should work for you that you dont need to re-size.

Some things to know

The positions of the windows and their sizes are not saved every time you change them (at least not yet) - They positions & sizes are saved when you save them and when you close the application.

So if you resize and position the window then re-attach and detach - it should remember the next time you start.

Also if things get too wacky and you want to start over, delete the gui.xml file in .myrobotlab directory - inside this file resides all the info on position and size of all tabs.

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