This is an interesting series about designing a walking robot.  most of this is above my head, but might be useful to Ray in his newest challenge.


3 years 2 months ago

you want to see his walking dog v2 stronger and faster joints im currently working on something similar 



3 years 1 month ago

This is one of a couple of series that James has done on walking robots.

The one before this series was theGonk Droid.

This is the play list I made back then.

Since then James has done a lot of different robots including the RobotX, OpenDog 1 and 2 as well as a number of control investigation videos.

Well worth subscribing to his channel :-)

Others to have a look at include

John Stager, one ofthe MRL builders :-)

Robotics enthusiast from Switzerland

There are a whole host of others out there, but there are some very bright people out from all over the world.

Back on the 17/July I released this video:

Thisafternoon I have the next part coming out, this time presented byFred.
The following link will work when it's released:

In that video, we explore the required static torque on each of the leg joints.
The next Walking Robots video will explore therequired rate of motion for thelegs, from that we can then work the power of the motors required.

I'm also still working on Fred's Head still, trying to improve the TTS hes running with his Raspberry Pi 3 :-)
More on that later in another post.