*Make Note - vInMoov is very rough and will require considerable work to make it all easy one click !  

This is a quick post to describe how with a little luck you might be able to get the virtual InMoov started.

  1. Run MRL in eclipse - Here's a link on instructions - http://myrobotlab.org/quick_start#developer
  2. Download install Blender 2.72b
  3. Download the following files:

    VirtualInMoov.blend - the main Blender file with all of Sir Gareth's rigging and Gael's InMoov
    Blender.py - already "in" virtualInMoov.blend - this is the python script 
    BlenderVirtualInMoovControl.py  - controlling script which connects MRL to Blender & starts the beginning of an InMoov script...

  4. Start Blender 
    start the system console  Window -> Toggle System Console
    open the VirtualinMoov.blend file
    hit the p key and the whole thing should change colors and you'll see logging in the system console. This will run the python script within blender (its named inmoov.py in Blender)

    If your lucky you'll get a screen which looks like this:

    There are 2 Servers:
    Control Server handles control messages to and from MRL's Blender service.
    Serial Server handles virtual serial connections - these would be from Arduinos, or any serial device which can be virtualized.

  5. Next You can either start the Blender service directly or run the Runtime and copy the contents of BlenderVirtualInMoovControl.py - this script will bind the two together.  After that happens you can experiment with other InMoov scripts and see the results in the virtual world..

    Good Luck !


9 years 3 months ago

Woo iii, I would love to test it but my PC is too slow, I will need to try on another machine.

Thanks for the cool tutorial, I will add the link to MRL on the InMoov site.

I had the original viewport setting to "material" (it eats the frame rate)... you can always switch the viewport to "solid" and speed should improve.


9 years 2 months ago

hello guys wouaa inmoov isprogres so fast...

it is possible to know the minimum power need computer for work?

thank you for your answer