Tracking still works - this was my view running it from eclipse..  Wherever I clicked it would center the pan/tilt kit quickly.

The next step is to integrate it back into InMoov and verify everything works.  Then after that I can start working on Cortex again so that both InMoov and simple Pan / Tillt kits can benefit from the same service.

Also came up with an idea which should work for everyone saving Python scripts such that they will stay in sync and be very accesable too..  that's #523 on my list :D

Here's my list of bugs or enhancements for Tracking :

  • PID gui does not show current/startup values of PID
  • Tracking needs simple integration with InMoov
  • Cortex needs non-evasive integration with Tracking
  • Servos looked like it did not report pin & controller on startup
  • Unified Python script library