This tutorial shows how to take a photo (webcam) and send it by email using VOICE CONTROL...

WARN : There are 3 version of the python script

1) simple one - only take a photo using voice

2) full version - it requires a gmail address-take a photo + send it by email (SEE THE TUTORIAL)

3)full version ITA - for CIX, italian users, or who wants to listen the computer talking in italian :D

Good vision :D



11 years 3 months ago

Great tutorial !
I was very curious if email was accessable without any additional dependencies (I'm a Python noob).  Nice, it seems pretty easy.  Well done, it took a lot a work to make 3 versions, and it was nice to see it in Italian mode, as much as it can go...

It would be nice to find or create a Sphinx Italian recognizer. 


11 years 3 months ago

Great tutorial !!

Now the pan&tilt kits could take photo, when asked !!


It's very impressive how it is easy use more services to create a task for our robots, without dealing with basic matter and focusing only on that task.
Thanks to Alessandruino for its Tutorial and Grog for its software


11 years 3 months ago

I clicked the "Tutorial" page and this tutorial was not there !  

It's because you did not choose "Create Content -> Tutorial"..

I think there was a problem previously where it was hidden, but I think I fixed that a while ago .. :D