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Hi boss i saw this tutorial..need to clarify some basic ..concepts..were to start on with this nice project...wat hard wares are needed for this proj when i run this code i get some errors...can u post a detail tutorial on how to work on this proj :)


Hi man.... There are some steps to do in order to make it worky... Let's start !!

I advise you to start with the first script

HARDWARE needed : 

  • Computer
  • webcam
  • microphone
  • speakers

Software (MRL services required):

  • OpenCV
  • Sphinx
  • Speech

So in order to make it works, install and test that services...when we are sure that services are working properly, we'll start the script... Let us know how it proceeds!!


Hi boss :)

Thank you so much for ur guidance ...Got it perfect as u said..realy superb to work on with MRL...i want to learn more ..pls HELP me..were to start on with..??

THANK YOU for ur HELP :)



9 years 8 months ago

Hi buddy,

I'm a starter on this framework and I'm still get in touch with the tool. 
I found your video but I can't find your source codes. 

Do you still have them?


Best Regards,



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volevo sapere se era normale che a volte  il computer risponda senza parlare o che ripeta la frase

"hi alessandro " in continuazione





9 years 7 months ago

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Hi Gingi....

Adding the confirmation request would help with false-matchings...

Add these 2 lines to your script after the ear.startListening stuff to add confirmation and negations
In that way mrl will repeat the word
ear.addComfirmations("yes", "correct", "yeah", "ya")
ear.addNegations("no", "wrong", "nope", "nah")
Let us know

Hi Alessandruino,

Grazie al tuo consiglio adesso sembra fuzionare bene o meglio su un tempo prolungato di prova di domande e risposte solo una volta mi ha ripetuto "hi Alessandro",  un altro problema che riscontro

è che se dico hello world c'è la buona possibilità che mi risponda "hi Alessandro", ho pensato che forse il problema sia del microfono(ps3eye) secondo te con la kinect miglioro?




6 years 8 months ago


I used the script on this page, but I have problems with the voice, in fact everything works , except the sound.I do not hear the voice of myrobotlab.
if you can help me  !!!!!

The prefered Speech service now is MarySpeech. 

So if you replace the line:

mouth = Runtime.createAndStart("mouth","Speech")


mouth = Runtime.createAndStart("mouth","MarySpeech")

you should be able to hear the sound.

thanks for the help all works well there is only one problem the sentences that feel are one on the other, i would like to delay the time between one sentence and another


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Just replace




at several places.


5 years 6 months ago

I made the needed changes and ran the script. Everything is working nicely through MRL. Now I'd like to add it to InMoov Gestures, but haven't got a clue how to begin.

This tutorial shows how to take a photo (webcam) and send it by email using VOICE CONTROL...

WARN : There are 3 version of the python script

1) simple one - only take a photo using voice

2) full version - it requires a gmail address-take a photo + send it by email (SEE THE TUTORIAL)

3)full version ITA - for CIX, italian users, or who wants to listen the computer talking in italian :D

Good vision :D