I believe I've loaded JBullet Physics into our JMonkeyEngine simulator service ...
Cool, I think those cubes and ball are waiting to be thrown around or kicked - Just got to figure out how to do it ...

I've just started to refactor and clean up the JMonkeyEngine service ... is very nice you don't need a Servo controller to make servo move in the simulator anymore (YAY!!!)

Servos are now being controlled by Encoder data from a Time Encoder - but the time encoder can be replaced by a "real encoder" - so real sensors can make things move in the virtual world.

Or we can start doing experiments where the results of a virtual test will control what a bot does in the real world...  simulation before participation ;)

Some of my next updates will be to remove that big green menu, and put its functionality in the JMonkeyEngine service page.  I'd like to see InMoov grab a virtual box too

Oh if your wondering why everything is yellow its because its a smiley face mapped on everything including the floor.