it seems the servos now attach in Nixie 1.1.408, EXCEPT for the torso servos which regale in being AWOL still, and have to be attached manually


I have been running multiple tests, first in 1.1.395 and now in 1.1.396 to find out which servos appear attached, but act as if they are not, after about 30 or so tests i found that it is always the same servos that appear attached but act as if they are not.

the change between 1.1.395 and 1.1.396 is that in 395 i had to detach in the web gui, and reattach in the swing gui., in 396, i just have to detach and re-attach in the web gui.

the other big change is that in 396 the torso is no longer assigned a controller on startup for any of the 3 components, lower, mid and upper. In 395, at least mid and upper had controllers pre-filled in, now I have to pick a controller before I can attach

here is the list, as said, repeatable the last 30 starts, short version, both arms don't work on start, both hands do work on start, some, same, parts of head always work on start, some, same, parts will not work on start, All, but torso, will show Attached

yes = automatically attaches every start
wd-wa = every start it will show attached in the web gui (in the web gui, controller tab, the button says Detach) but, have to detach and re-attach ( i use web gui) to get the servo to work every time.
top torso no controller, have to pick controller then attach
mid torso no controller, have to pick controller then attach
low torso no controller, have to pick controller then attach 
rh wrist yes
rh thumb yes
rh ring yes
rh pinky yes
rh majeure yes
rh index yes
ra shoulder wd-wa
ra rotate wd-wa
ra omoplate wd-wa
ra bicep wd-wa
lh wrist yes
lh thumb yes
lh ring yes
lh pinky yes
lh majeure yes
lh index yes
la shoulder wd-wa
la rotate wd-wa
la omoplate wd-wa
la bicep wd-wa
hd rothead wd-wa
hd rollneck yes
hd neck wd-wa
hd jaw yes
hd eyex yes
hd eyey yes
rh = right hand
lh = left hand
ra = right arm
la = left arm
Hope this will make Nixie more gooder