I leave this screen as an idea.
I don't know if there is a service for this or it has to be part of Servomixer. I'm not sure if this is a gesture service.


4 years ago

Great display !

Ya, it would be part of ServoMixer !

You should throw it on the ServoMixerUI and I can start working on the implementation ;)

Wow.. awesome. I think we should just add the sequence functionality to servo mixer. We would just need a sequence or timeline object to represent the poses, and the delays... We might also want to introduce a speak / speak blocking step in the sequence.

Ok, maybe this is more appropriate to be on that same screen.
The pose is created first, that pose can be added to a new sequence.
Or you can load a sequence and add or modify poses in the center column.

Hi @kwatters,

introduce a speak / speak blocking

How would that be?
A phrase that he can say between poses?
If I understand correctly, it would be a text field and the option to block or not.
He can speak while following the sequence or block the sequence until he stops speaking.
It is right?

It seems to me that this is more understandable.
It has more logic because the flow will always be from left to right column.
And we have the delete button to be able to delete all the junk tests that we save.

I am thinking that this should have the possibility to grow in the future, just as we now have Speak blocking, you could add a pose that activates a relay or read a sensor, the next pose may depend on the value of that sensor.
Mmmmm ... But it wouldn't be "Servo" Mixer anymore.
Perhaps all of this is more related to the Blocks service.

What do you think of this version?


I always use webgui_work.
it's okay?

I also tried giving the buttons a little color to differentiate it from the fields. I don't know what you think, maybe we can use it as a standard.

This is how it should look.  I only have changes in mrl.js where I comment the lines 451 and 874 so that Chrome does not crash.
But I've seen that servos sometimes appear that way, it's strange but maybe F5 can help.

I loaded the configuration and pressed "start all" and loaded the servos but they appear wrong.
Before it worked well. Only the ones I added at the beginning appear.

Apparently not loading content from subPanels [servo]

F5 worky