Sniffing the intertoobs has lead me first to this:

which turned out to be dead - or looks that way .. Sphinx Simon project which leads to ... 

That is a C++ (with possible dependencies into KDE yikes!) program .. which can make it a little tricky interfacing Java to it .. but we've done it before..


My "Gut" says .. Sphinx 4 (Java version - is pretty much dead) 
PocketSphinx which is a C program is the heart of the Simon project might be the best bet now...


9 years 6 months ago

Another free-form speech recognition would Googles on Android devices. Not long ago (a few months, I think). Google enabled offline recognition, this is also useable by third-party-apps.

I don't know about it's performance and accuracy, but just wanted to mention it.

In addition a con is that it would require an attached Android device, which would need to be interfaced (& you would need to get your App ready ; ) ).

Jasper is going back to Google to recognice the speech out of the text:

-> "This version of Jasper has been configured to use Google's Speech To Text (STT) API."

But maybe it's providing some other nice functionality.


I have got an example of Googles speech-recognition on an Android device worky! Was a bit tricky in the settings. And now even with my (not really, I just copied & adjusted sources) own App. And even offline! Can't tell about it's accuracy, but it's kind of working.



Seems to be working nice & fast (at least over W-LAN & fast internet in general).

Online (W-LAN connected, so I think it's online) it's working better, better accuracy and more results, but usually the first one is the best. There are a few small mistakes, but these could also come from my English-pronunciation. (I'm really amazed how good it get's my German English-(UK).)

Offline (W-LAN toggled off) it's working, but not with the accuracy off being online (at least with me). And it's only giving one result. But it works.

(for comparison: I tested this on a Samsung Galaxy S4 mini)



I've uploaded (my) example to Google drive.

APK (unsigned ->…

ZIP (Sources)   ->…

Today I tried to connect ProgramAB in MRL & the speech recognition on Android together.

(Yes, I "cheated" a bit.)

When the Android-App recognizes something, it's put in a list. When you click on an item in that list, it sends the specific string to a remote-instance of MRL using the WebGUI(!!!).

It works amazing well!


1. start MRL (should be obvious)

2. start a ProgramAB-Service and name it whatever you want

3. start the session in the ProgramAB-Service

4. start a WebGUI-Service

5. get your IP-Adress (in Windows you can open a command prompt (run->cmd) amd type "ipconfig", it should be listed there)

6. install this Android-App on your mobile-device (Link below)

7. enter your IP

8. enter the name of your ProgramAB-service

9. Have a nice conversation! (click on the button, speak, click on one item of the list, read the response)


APK (Unsigned) ->…

ZIP (Sources)     ->…