Raver decided to break the shoutbox, but in the process was some good 3D Printer-Guru dialog worth preserving for noobies (or pre-noobies) like me :D



hairygaelahaha, yeah Tibetain ABS
raver1975keep up the awesome work
raver1975I suppose... now you only get the finest ABS, hand crafted in the moutains of Tibet?
hairygaelanyway, back to my sensor testing and improvements
hairygaelwith cheap PLA from ebay, it was glogged almost all the time
raver1975that's even more reason to try ABS
hairygaelmy printer runs since more then a year with ABS, it never gets glogged
raver1975my aquarium fish seem to tolerate PLA decorations
hairygaelit depends of the brands, there is much difference in quality
raver1975I'd like to try ABS
raver1975we haven't had any problem like that
hairygaelMuch more happy with ABS for now
raver1975that's weird
hairygaelI had to remove the PLA during the night after printing otherwise the next day it was cracked and broken in pices in the tubes
hairygaelPla tends to brack in the tubes after time, I had a Pla that was a nightmare for that
raver1975I'm no printer expert, not familiar with Dippon
raver1975the head doesn't extrude like it used to
hairygaelthe structure is Dippon, right
raver1975just clogged from massive use I guess... we've only got PLA
hairygaelglogged because of different material usage?
raver1975ours uses drilled acrylic as the main material
hairygaelok gone

raver1975It's very,very soild and seems to stand up to abuse.. the heads a bit clogged at the moment


hairygaelthe menndel90 is a good printer
hairygaelYou could print the finger tester to start
raver1975we built a mendel 90
hairygaelWhat printer do you have there?