Here's the pan / tilt kit I slapped together.  Not pretty, but functional enough to do testing with.  It's a very old Logitec 600, 2 old servos and a BareBonesBoard Arduino.

And here is a play pen to do experiments with OpenCV.  It's not pretty, but it does have some advantages over the kitchen table.  One advantage, is I can leave things like balls and empty beer bottles on it.  Another advantage is the camera is connected to the build server.  The build server is where all of MyRobotLab code is built.  This is one more step to an automated process which will not only do unit tests, but will also attempt far more complicated integration tests - where sensors can be evaluated with ease.  Wheeee !



  Your's is unicast, well designed & printed..
  Mine is a pile of scrap + hotglue ...  

More impressive ?  maybe, as in a larger garbage pile can be more impressive than a little one?

But thanks regardless.. \o/


11 years 4 months ago

Hot Glue! Yeah, I need to get better at the implimentations of Hot Glue. Great stuff. You are working. I'm still fiddling. :-P