Here is an example of what I'm trying to fix ..

Oh, the one thing I should have mentioned in the video which I believe I left out, this is happening regardless of which random timer. Full body, just head, just eyes etc. Same result
Shido: And, as you will hear in the video I am not awake enough to figure this out, so now that coffee which should have happened prior needs to happen!~ :D
Any help on this would be fantastarific! :D
Nothing else seems to cause these stops beyond Audio files, or nothing else that I have noticed anyway. Speech certainly works fine without the stops in there. 
After shopping around on my own a bit I'm fairly clueless on what might be causing it. 
I don't see anything in the InMoov/services/ or in any of the files in the InMoov/life folder. Nothing that stands out anyway relating to stops.
Below is the lines input into the python tab. 


3 years ago

Thanks for all the information, it certainly helps.  I had "no idea" what you were talking about before - but the video makes it pretty clear. 

I think the problem might stem from the script attempting to stop random movements when a new command to do something is posted.  Mozr who wrote alot of the script - desired random motions to be interrupted by planned ones.  Having multiple poses or movements from 2 different systems can generate crazy combined results.

I'm curious if this is the behavior in nixie...  I could check, but at the moment I need to deal with infrastructure updates.  Perhaps others can also look into it.


I guess I explained more or less everything that needs to be said on this topic in this video for the most part.

What did the magic for me was going into InMoov/services/ and changing mouthControlAudiofile=True to mouthControlAudiofile=False.

Now this will not work for everyone I am guessing as you will lose control of your jaw (or you should anyway... I didn't test that) when playing audio files unless you CHEAT like myself by using an audio servo driver to fuel the jaw motor.... BUT, this works for me just fine. :D

Now I'm still royally confused about why that actually worked due to I wasn't getting any motor pauses if the bot was speaking on the first tests and it seemed it was only audio file related and because of that I didn't really think to associate the mouthControlAudiofile with the random pauses, since.. well speaking worked with the randomness just fine and the pauses were impacting the whole body randomizer. That and I'm not very code savy yet. *shrugs* But I'll take it! :)

I'll leave this here just incase at some point someone else has this issue so they have an idea on a work around. :)