The goal of this section is to explain how to push your local changes into myrobotlab repository (basic level).

We assume you have a working local myrobotlab project, with github credentials:

To reduce the complexity of reviewing code, we would like a coding style format to be followed, details can be found here

There are 2 principal branches for MyRobotLab project: develop and master. All work is done on the develop branch because the master branch is frozen since the last release.

We can't push changes directly to the develop branch, as this can break space time without other contributors review, we need to "pull request" from our personal branch. Lets explain with some screenshots...

  • Time to open GIT perspective, first, you need a local updated project ( recommended ) :

  • Click on "Fetch from upstram"

  • Oh you are outdated ! rightclick now to select "Merge"
  • Great you have an updated project, less conflict risk.
  • right click now on develop branch, and "create branch", to clone it :

Now, you are ready to push your mods, lets select files you want to push inside "git staging" tab :

  • move your files from unstaged to staged
  • You can double click on file inside compilation unit, to see compare screen, very usefull !
  • Add a comment, then "commit and push"
  • Branch will be pushed, accept options inside next screens.
  • Now your local branch is puhed inside your remote github, lets open github webpage and navigate inside myrobotlab repository :

Click on "New pull request" , then configure destination to develop, source is your fresh branch:

  • Click on create pull request, and wait for comments/review