Keeping track of changes is difficult enough.  Merging differently formatted code makes sad monkeys !

If you use eclipse, we have a file which will make eclipse do the myrobotlab "standard" formatting.

Here it is ! ->…

That's It !

Eclipse powerful auto-format keys.

  • CTRL-SHIFT-F  -  auto format - the file currently in the IDE.  This can even be applied over an entire project.
  • CTRL-SHIFT-O - organize imports - will sort and remove unused imports.  

Simple rule to remember - if you're going to do a lot of formatting, do that as a "separate" commit from other code changes.

Thanks !


Hi seem when I use the formater , it crop java doc lines. 

First I'm sorry for javadoc bombing !

Are we all using the same ?

So, yes we all should be using the mrl eclipse formatter checked in as the file


I think, if we want to change our formatting rules regarding javadocs, I hope we can all specify it in that file.

I'm ok if we have longer lines in the javadoc.  I do prefer an arbitrary max width of 132 chars.  I'm not sure why I like that number, so feel free to propose another one if you like.