Quiet computer's USB powering the RasPi

Noisy computer's USB powering the RasPi

WooHoo ! - This is a picture of data streaming from an Arduino connected to the Raspberry Pi (running MRL  instance RasPi) connected to my PC (running MRL instance MRL76732)

Needed a fair amount of "tweaking" - and the missing part was a good set of RXTX binaries (which I'll be loading into the MRL repo shortly)

What this means is setup for MRL & Raspberry Pi will (shortly) be as easy as Pi.  Now the Pi can be scripted in Jython either locally or Jython commands can control it from a remote source.  After I get the RXTX repo fixed up, I'll start working on OpenCV running directly on the RasPi.


Fixed up all the non-serializable stuff (I think).  Connectivity is working between the PC & Rasberry.  Unfortunately, as I feared, my rxtx jar from Create-Labs is not compatible with the rasberry librxtxcomm.so.
I'm going to see if I can kludge up the repo and have the Arm definition get its own jar which is compatable.
Below as you can see.. No Traces from the Rasberry's Arduino... (yet)
An interesting side note, is a GUI Message box pops up on the PC when the Rasberry is downloading service components.  One of those things which just fall into place without working on it.


Here is a MRL instance running on my PC (MRLpc) connected to a Rasberry Pi (RasPi) with a RemoteAdapter service (remote) - was going to see all the service I can load controlling my Rasberry Pi remotely.

Should make a RasberryPi service to control the few limited GPIO pins on it...  It's already running a Runtime, since it has a full JVM & OS underneath - The Runtime gives access to execute any script/exe or directly interface with the OS

From my PC I ran the following script in the jython editor (a single line)


runtime.send('RasPi', 'update', 'org.myrobotlab.service.Arduino')

So, this sent a message from my PC to the Rasberry Pi, to do an update and check for the latest version of all the dependencies of the Arduino service. I could tell the RasPi downloaded all the ARM6 Arduino dependencies and installed them. Now I need to restart the RasPi ... and see If I can tell it from my PC to load the Arduino with an Arduino Mega attached...

FAIL !  Why? Because, I still have non-serializable Arduino IDE kruft ...


55983 [RasPi_outbox_0] ERROR class org.myrobotlab.framework.Service  - ------^M
java.io.NotSerializableException: org.myrobotlab.arduino.compiler.Preferences