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MRL has grown out of code.google.com and is moving into github. This process will take some effort, and code.google.com has closed its releases.  In the interim, if you are interested in running MRL I have released full builds (currently only x86.64.windows platform) to my google drive.  When we have established the build system and supporting logistics at github, we will continue to support x86 Mac, x86 Linux 64 & 32, and Arm Linux, until then we we be supporting x86 64 windows

This is a 490 Meg download - the reason it is so big is that it carries all possible Service dependencies.  Nothing else needs to be downloaded.  MRL is designed in such a way, where only the necessary Service dependencies are loaded from a repo - but currently the repo is not running.  So, I put together all of the Services in 1 zip.

Warning - do not upgrade when using this build, as it will actually downgrade using old code.google.com releases :P