Inmoov 3d printed hand coming along nicely.

Printing my pulleys to take the fishing line ligaments/tendons. These are a great idea from Gael. They allow as much movement as you need.

Just connect the fishing line to one side and wind the line around the pulley once before you connect the other side. This gives a full 180 degrees of pull on the line without needing a large arm for leverage.


10 years 6 months ago

Hi GroG,

i was wondering with the new hand brackets if it mattered what servo was hooked up to what finger?

Or is it just a matter for me to specify which servo is hooked to which finger. I hope that made sense because it seemed like double talk to me.  Lol



Shouldn't make any difference.  If InMoov is standardized in pin-to-> servo connections -to-> fingers .. then there is no configuration to do in the software..  if someone wants to do it differently, the software just needs to be configured to handle the differences..


10 years 5 months ago

Hello GroG,

I am not sure if this is possible but I would like to use pulses instead of degrees for my servo moves. You have much better control of your servos. Maybe you are already doing that but from the looks of your code that Gael uploaded to the forum it seems to break everything down in degrees. 
So are you using PWM(pulse width modulation) or are you using pulses to derive the degrees?  It's just that PWM is bad for your servos and all programmers you buy from the manufacturer use pulse timing to get to their positions.