The command to start myrobotlab should look something like this:

"java -jar myrobotlab.jar -m 3g"        
be patient, it takes a little while for the swing gui to load.


This command has to be done after every new start of the Arduino / Raspberry ; a desktop icon is not existing.


If you use the start command "-m 3g" a lot of commands where worked out. At the end it stops at (see first screenshot). 
If you press after a while a button, you get this: 
                                                                                        [runtime@agent-tedious-brainbots /]#
In the prompt you are not in Linux, but in which language I do not know, may be something like HTML...
Then I try to start something (see second screenshot). I really wanted to know what happened and how to get back to linux.
Your comment is appreciated...



first I did:
java -jar myrobotlab.jar -m 3g  
java -jar myrobotlab.jar
Then I got perhaps the Nixie Release1.1.234. At the java platform stands: Mature Louise.
The Java environment worked well and I saw the done statements in the prompt. That is good. The only thing is that there is no content inside.
I made a restart of the Raspberry and now stands on the java platform: faded-transmorphers.
Again I made a restart of the Raspberry and now stand there: superb-android.
I do not know what that mean...


Kevin wrote: "every time you start up mrl it gives it some new random name."

What is MRL ? and

Where can I do a "NoWorky" ? I would also fill the content in, if I would know how...