Hidden inside the ESP32 package tin foil hat is a "Hall Effect" sensor ....go figure!!!.

A simple analogue read Hal=halRead() , reveals values from -255 to +255 (however 12 bit is possible accessing the Hall-effect chip via i2c)

Usage list :-

  1. Motor speed sensor.
  2. Motor Position .... (great for steppers, one free end stop/esp32).
  3. Pressure/displacement sensor.
  4. Tamper protection for Security boxes.
  5. My Print bed is magnetic .... maybe auto bed leveling.

Any more ideas out there... and I will explore ;-)


3 years 6 months ago

That is cool Gareth !...
Motor position is the first thing came to mind with your pretty neoring as a visual indicator.
What a cool Easter Egg ! ;)