Hmm probably should put sparkles in it.  Anyway this is the new NeoPixel2 interface so far.

Each pixel comes with its own color chooser, then there is a fill and select color chooser, and an controller, pin, pixel count and animation drop down.

The animations are currently all "on board", but I have been testing with what I call a "equalizer" animation.
It pseudo mimics a digital stereo mixer - so that a attached Speech Synthesizer can drive it like chappy.

It attaches like :  neopixel.attach(mouth)

There is always moahr ! ...
Equalizer is a Java service side animation, potentially user defined animations could be possible, with the additional ability to save them out as part of configuration, tweak them and load them back up ....  but that stuff isn't ready yet ...

I wonder if I should make "sparkles" in the ironman arc reactor animation ... hmmmm...


2 years 9 months ago

Hello Grog,

I am testing version 551 on windows 10 64bits.

The current UI of the neopixel seems not to properly work.

I cannot select my controller in the dropdown menu(it's greyed), it shows a "interdiction" sign when moving my mouse on it.

Also the "select" button is strangely placed and is confusing, it's to select what?

"fill" button is also odd, because it doesn't show what you have in your screen.

Do you confirm that version 551 doesn't contain what you are showing and it's waiting in a PR?