anomalies in Nixie 1.1.395 just downloaded
some errors that pop up in the web gui in Simulated mode
SIMULATED ERROR python : : Traceback (most recent call last): File "<string>", line 1, in <module> NameError: name 'isTheSunShiny' is not defined 
I01.chatbot:: could not find method ProgramAB.publishOOBText(string)
The chatbot no longer seems to remember what u tell it like its name or my name, even in the same session, at least it remembered  in versions before 1.1.393, not tested in 1.1.393 as that version would not boot far enough.
I also get: Uncaught exception thrown in Thread[Thread-100,5,main]
IllegalStateException: Scene graph is not properly updated for rendering.
State was changed after rootNode.updateGeometricState() call. 
Make sure you do not modify the scene from another thread!
Problem spatial name: Gui Node
in the virtual display (monkey engine, the jaw is visibly displayed to the left of the head, as if he just got whacked on the jaw.
shutdown, from the moment shutdown is choosen, either from the pulldown in the webgui, or by clicking the X in the upper right corner of the swing gui, it takes a massive 10 minutes to shut down. I would love to send a NoWorky, but that option is disabled after shutdown is selected.
None of the Torso components show attached to either i01.left or i01.right, pins appear assigned correctly, in either swing gui or web gui. i have not tested the outputs yet to see if they actually work.
that is the NoWorky just sent


1 year 11 months ago

  • SIMULATED ERROR - should no longer be occuring ..
  • ProgramAB.publishOOBText - should be fixed
  • The virtual inmoov for InMoov vs InMoov2 is no longer supported - if you want to use virtual InMoov you have to use InMoov2