Since I don't have a wireless camera yet, I'll use my laptop's built-in camera to prepare myself for thee real thing. When I open MyRobotLab, there is a communication tab to which I am redirected every time I try to do something (even though I don't know what I'm doing yet). All the fields are filled except for the login field. What is this tab and what do I need to do to make it work? And what did you do to setup the software and camera in your tutorial MyRobotLab - OpenCV - How to find your balls

Thank you


12 years 11 months ago

Hi Markamas - thanks for posting your questions. MRL does not support IP cameras yet, but it should in the near future. The communication tab is use to attach to other instances of MRL. This allows more than one computer to be involved in coordinating or gathering data. To get your laptop's webcam to work you'll have to start an OpenCV service. Check the download link. The installation steps walk you through starting an OpenCV service


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