Growler - Smart little Dumb Robot - Voice Control

Growler is an inexpensive "dumb" robot.  It has no sensors (at the moment), only motors and an radio module.  However, with myrobotlab, Growler can do a few interesting things.

Parts List

         Total : ~$60 USD

Parts Not Purchased but Necessary

  • Home computer
  • Java 1.6
  • myrobotlab software
  • webcam
  • Tupperware container - for cover, found one in the recycling bin
  • plastic base - found in recycling bin
  • wheels - pulled from used toy purchased at thrift store
  • battery pack - nicad 9.6 V 1000 mAh - pulled from toy purchased at thrift store (LiPo would be better)

Growler is one of soon to be many robots controlled by my home computer.  This is one example of empowering dumb robots with the home computer (full article here).