Which PC?

Ok,  whose been thinking about an on-board PC for the InMoov?  This would be the one that all the USBs connect to, of course, as well as the one that controls the internet connection, sound devices, etc.  I presume some wireless keyboard and mouse would be external, when needed.

Any thoughts on what would make the ideal small form factor PC for this?  Any thoughts on what to do with the main display screen, in terms of both how and where to put it, as well as what to display on it while running?


Just thinking ahead a bit - at least for me!


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I am looking into the Intel

I am looking into the Intel Nooks :) Small and powerful for expansions :)

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There are a couple of options

There are a couple of options on Thingiverse for mounting screens



I like the look of the Intel Nuc a 4" by 4" board should fit nicely somewhere.

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So shameless plug again, for the ACU that I'm developing, but until it is released, I would say either a Pi2 or a NUC, depending on architecture preference and system specs.

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I hope your ACU will use USB

I hope your ACU will use USB 3.0!  I don't think the arduinos, cameras, or Kinect (although I don't have that much experience with the Kinect) really needs 3.0, but why the NUCs only have 2.0 in this day and age is mystifying.

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USB 2/3 and so much more

nothing to worry about there, as long as I maintain access to datasheets, USB 2.0 and 3.0 will be present, along with SOOOOOO many more goodies.