We heard the news through the intertoobs - We have meager provisions, but you are all welcome !


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Gareth's picture

Awesome .....

"Spladunsch".... Many ex LMR's had to walk the plank during the last week... for unjust reasons.

I am sure your "Life boat" will help those who fell victims to the sharks...

It will be great to see any refugees content posted here..

Nice incentive GroG .... kudo's to your elves....

...Regards Gareth


Yahmez's picture

Thank you

Thanks for the warm welcome GroG. I look forward to posting my projects here. o/


-James (Yahmez)

jinx's picture

to repeat James

 thankyou grog for the warm welcome means a hell of lot  after the cold departure from LMR.

                                                      thanks again Richard(jinx)

GroG's picture

Ya ! Welcome Everyone !

Ya sucks to be thrown off the boat ...

But there be coconuts here ... and given enough time & fermentation by God a Tikki Bar !

There be elves here too .. but Shhhhhhh... mums the word.......

cevinius's picture

This is a welcoming place with awesome stuff!

Thank you! :D

DJUltis's picture

I've seen it said

in other places about this latest and unfortunate thing that went down on the former home planet, and yes, for many of us, it is a bit like Earth blew up. 

I've read as well in other comments, that what hasn't changed is the worldwide.. no UNIVERSAL fellowship of robotics geeks that we may have fostered on LMR, but now we should think about how this isn't the only place we have that community now.

MRL has been a home base for some time, and all fellows of the community should consider in some way hosting their own content. MRL is a great example of the fellowship of builders we have across the world, and is a great example to all of making true invention and development happen.

For those that wish to try and set up a new home base, or even one of many sites our community can share...  I've just registerd ALABTU.com and will begin creating a directory of all users and community members that wish to continue to share together and continue along our great path together. If you have a page or site, please contact me and I'll get a simple site up with your info so we don't lose touch in the short term. It's been so important to me in my life and to lose what we have in spirit, I can't bear it. So Alabtu.com... please consider it and lets build a new world.. no worlds.. together. 

Yahmez's picture


We have most of the old gang assembled here: www.robotrebels.org

Just to let any other LMRrefugees know...

-James White