I have some problem with reactivity of recognition. It is not my internet connection. When i speak, sometime, the reactivity is very slow.

I try this in js service: $scope.recognition.continuous = false; (normaly is true)

And it is work very well. Reactivity is very good. But sometime, the micro is switch off. With timer, i can switch on, but i think is not a good solution.

May be an idea ?



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I have had webkitrec service

I have had webkitrec service running nonstop all week without any noticable issues yet on an rpi. What os are you using? I'll try several different machines and see if i can reproduce the problem. And what version of MRL are you using?

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OS: Windows 10 Problems is

OS: Windows 10

Problems is not MRL, it is web kit themseft.


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webkitspeech is so powerfull

webkitspeech is so powerfull but a 0 day specification require relative silent environment for best results.

There is a lot of potential external perturbation candidate, like servo noise or a silent ventilator near the microphone.

Some guys using noise canceling hardware, or physically isolate the microphone.

As Shaun said dont hesitate to give us some technical details.

About timer, If you using develop testing branch you can test webkitspeechrecognition.setAutoListen(True) and report