Webgui Issue services blank

Hi all,

New to MRL and trying to get my head around it with InMoov, just the arm for now, and seem to have an issue with the webgui, the services all list fine but the sub-menu/information box is blank for all of them so the ear service opens a blank page

Using MRL 1.0.2256 with the inmoov-develop scripts, Windows 10, Chrome V59 and Java 8 all latest versions (Fresh pc setup last week) , no anti virus or any other software installed as it is just for use with InMoov, I have copied the MRL folder to a windows 7 machine and tried it and get the same,

I have tried version 1.0.723 with InMoov Deep V3 scripts and that all works fine and shows the sub-menus fine.

Been trying to search for any infomartion/ideas but have come up blank or do not know what iam looking for,

Any ideas ?





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Ahoy and Welcome Matt ! Yes,

Ahoy and Welcome Matt !

Yes, that is the current state of our development.  
We are working on the "Manticore" release of MRL - the project board link is here :


You'll get a 404 error unless you have a github account.  It lists all the current issues and what state of development & testing they are in.  

Your issue is listed here - https://github.com/MyRobotLab/myrobotlab/issues/87

There is a pile of work to do, but the end for the release looks like its in sight ...

If you are interested in contributing, you might offer testing time.



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Hi GroG, Thanks for the info,

Hi GroG,

Thanks for the info, makes me feel better it was not just me :-) been a long struggle over the last week trying to get my head around it all and to get the arm moving

I keep getting a 404 error trying to access the project board, just created a github account (free) 

Be happy to help any way I can, probably just be testing time for the moment but hoping to start to lean and get my head around java and python over the summer so I can understand how it all works a bit better




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WebGui should & Ear etc..

WebGui should & Ear etc..  should be worky now..

We still have lots of refactoring to do, but if you wanted to test something with the webgui, you should be able to do it with build 1.0.2269 or later.

Cheers !

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Build 1.0.2269


I have updated to version  2269 and all is working great, only have right hand at the moment but mic, gestures, sliders all working, I need to adujst the cables and fingers for smoother running but software wise it is great

Thanks for the help