We can set a similar goal to improve mrl faster !

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Do you have a suggestion to what development area the competition should be held. A specific service or a combination of many ?

What part of MyRobotLab do yo want to speed up the development of ? 

Who would compete and where ?

Do you wan't MRL developers to team up and make a joint effort to win a competition ?

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You have a Raspi Cam ?

You have a Raspi Cam ?

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Now I understand


I have many of the parts reqired already. 

Raspi PI 3 ( No need for extra WiFi USB )  - Check

Raspi Camera with wide angle lens - Check

DC & Stepper Motor HAT for Raspberry Pi - No

DC & Stepper Motor HAT for Raspberry Pi - 16-Channel PWM / Servo HAT for Raspberry Pi - Check ( Not the HAT but I have the 16-Channel PWM / Servo board - Check

32 G SD Card - Check

32G USB - Chek

Batteries - Check

Chassis - I have an old one. Should not be a problem to print a diffent chassis if needed - Check

Joystick - I have a PS3 gamepad. Should work on the PI - Check


Headers - Some

IMU Daughter board - No

ADC Daughter board - No

Duckietown uses ROS ( http://www.ros.org/ ). It's a great projct with many contribtions from the leading edge of science and is used by many robots.

But ROS i's not so easy to use for a hobbyist robot builders.

MRL is much more accessible, but more services are needed, for things like navigation and hardware access. 

So using the Duckietown challenge to bring MRL to the next level should be a good path. One challenge is that ROS is C/C++/Python and MRL is Java/Jython. So either some bridge between ROS and MRL is neccessary, or we go the little more heavy path of converting from one langage to another. 

Both ROS and MRL use similar service and messaging pattern, so pehaps a bridge would be the best alternative.


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A ROS bridge would be

A ROS bridge would be possible, that's what the ROS service was about originally, but have not implemented it yet. 

Most of the features I believe are already in MRL, it would just take some focus to polish them to the level to make a Duckie work.

I'd be excited to see a Mats duckie !