Wanting to adapt a chatbot project to InMoov,

Going to see about maybe implementing chatscript with python, I definitely know this has been done.

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Is this the bot you're looking at? https://github.com/LWFlouisa/Bianca

If so, it would probably not be a good idea to try to translate line-by-line to Python. The questions and answers look to be hard-coded in the Ruby source code with answers to questions being stored as a single character in a text file. This is incredibly rigid and is not a good programming style for chatbots, the code will expand far beyond what would be ideal. A large portion of the code uses the system() function which calls into the OS shell, which makes it dependent on the OS shell implementation as well as requiring ruby to be on the PATH, which is not the case for most people.

What I recommend is taking the features that are unique, such as the cipher cracking, and implementing those in either Java or Python and then hook them up to an AIML chatbot using the <oob> tag. In fact, the cipher cracking feature only has the caesar cipher implemented, a very simple cipher. Many more ciphers can be cracked using libraries

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