voice and keyboard controlling Robyn Inmoov



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Excellent work and a great

Excellent work and a great tutorial?  I think this will interest many InMoov'ers.  I am impressed with what you have done.  

Would it be helpful to have the webgui activate Python methods?

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Great tutorial

That's a really good totorial, Markus. I've been having a lot of funny with the speach interaction.

Is there a way you can get the program to interact with the Internet? For example; if you asked about the weather or the news of the day , the program would go to a website and read the information from it. I imagine the websites would have to be predetermined. It would be fantasic if it could interact with Google or wikipedia.

Keep those videos coming!



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Trying to get Keyboard commands to work

Hi Markus,

I am trying to get the keyboard commands to work, as you explained in your video. When I enter a keyboard command it types the "letter" where ever the curser is. Do I need to have another key pressed when entering the command letter?

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I got it working

It Worky!!

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very good!  

very good!