Visit to Institute of Thecnology in Rorkee, India

Last weekend I, Markus and Robyn visited the Indian Institute of Technology, Rorkee in India.

It was a very interesting and inspiring visit. The people we met were very nice and asked a lot of good questions. Markus had his Robyn InMoov robot and I was bringing the head of my robot. We were showing the robots from Friday to Sunday and met a lot of interesting people. 


Right across our booth was the India space program showing their Mars satelite and next to us was a team from Germany showing their Soccer playing robots. 

When the exhibition was ended on the Sunday, three InMoov builders showed up at the hostel and we showed them robots.

Virendrasinh Vaghela, Bhavik Bhansali and Andipara Uttam

The best part was to meet all the nice people in India. And our contact Himanshu Shekar was fantastic. He took very well care of us and made sure that everyting was working well.


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Thanks for the post

Thanks for the post Mats.

Looks like a great trip - new questions, new ideas & new friends !  


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Super Mats! Really great to

Super Mats!

Really great to see pictures of your trip in India!!

I'm so glad you and Markus had the opportunity to meet and show what you have achieved.

Sebastien has recently added a event agenda page on InMoov website which can also display some already past events, maybe you could add it for builders to see that you were there and participated to this event.




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One more video

A video made by Indian journalist Lahkwinder Singh when Markus, Robyn and I visited Indian Institure of Technology in Rorkee earlier this year.