utopian.io - to good to be true

I would like to point all contributors to myrobotlab to a new website http://utopian.io

This new website is created to support any open source software project. It can help everyone that contributes to myrobotlab to earn some extra bucks for his contribution. 
Utopian.io does reward all kinds of contributions ( e.g development, bug reports, translations) to open source software with a cryptocurrency that's called Steem.
Steem is something like Bitcoin and can be exchanged for your preferred currency at several exchanges. 
More information about the Coin you can find here https://steem.io/
The only requirement is that you need to create posts on Utopian.io and describe what you contributed (e.g., development of a new feature). Keep doing good things and talk about them. 
They will have then moderators validate if your post follows their rules, and if it is accepted, you get votes from other members and a utopian bot that defines how much steem you get after seven days. 
I did already contribute there once myself, and it does work. 
You don't need to invest anything except some time to describe your contribution.  
You don't need to buy anything. 
You need to register an account for the Steem Blockchain and start posting about your developments.
If you have questions, you can always ask me. It took me a while until I did understand all the cryptocurrency stuff. And don't forget to send me your Steem Account IDs. I would like to follow everyone and also give my "small" vote the continued development.


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Thanks Doki!  I've been

Thanks Doki!  I've been watching Steem for awhile, it's been soaring lately. I wasn't aware of it's background, I appreciate the info.  I'll definitely check it out.

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Yea I started in October and

Yea I started in October and since then the price has grown from 1$ per Steem to 5$+, not the worst idea to keep the Steem and wait with cashing out if you don't need it. But this is then always a personal decision.

Steemit.com itself is also a nice platform for everyone to display your maker projects and robots. It's a bit more difficult then Uptopian.io to get meaningful votes as the Maker and 3d Printing Community is still kind of small on this blockchain but its growing.

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Interesting Doki,  Thanks

Interesting Doki, 
Thanks for bringing it up.
I'd be interested in your experiences, you said you contributed there once ?  What did you contribute ?  What was the return ?  What does Utopian.io get in return ?

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What I contributed was a new

What I contributed was a new Idea for Improving steemit.com Condenser Software (which is also open source). It was this https://utopian.io/utopian-io/@drmake/underrated-yet-another-list-on-steemit and the post received 38$. As Author, you receive 75% from the post value that you see below those posts on utopian.io or steemit.com 25% of the is split among all the curators of your post. Utopian.io bot is one of the biggest curators on the platform and gets a share from this curation rewards. Depending on the category you contribute on and the current exchange rat his votes can be worth around 100$ and more. It rewards Bugreports, Translations and new Proposals for Features as well as actional Developments. They have a different set of rules for each category so carefully read them before you contribute. Developments as such are getting the highest votes. With all that you develop for myrobotlab you should be fine with getting a few 100 bucks a week when you post about them.

Where does the steem/money come from? Who is paying it? (This was my first question when I heard about it)

All posts on the Blockchain compete for new coins that get "mined" every day. Those with the most and biggest votes get the greater share. There is a reward pool that gets distributed to all posts that have been created 7 days in advance. They do the same thing every Bank does, they create new money out of thin air.

This works as long as the value of the contributions is growing faster or at the same rate as the new coins that get mined. Undoubtedly open source software today creates a lot of value and I think utopian.io helps to reward it.