Uploading MRLComm to the Arduino

A short video showing how to upload MRLComm.ino to the Arduino using the Arduino IDE.

It is also possible to upload it using the WebGui, but I prefer to do it this way, since it's easier to understand what's happening.

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Nice tutorial Mats!   Just

Nice tutorial Mats!


Just one minor thing that worth mentioning. The resources folder is not extracted by default by MRL. It will be extracted by starting the webgui or trying to upload the sketch with the swing gui (maybe other way too). So there is possibility to not have the resources folder when not using the webgui

It is minor because now I think webgui launch by default, but it still there is possibility to use myrobotlab without the webgui

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Very nice tutorial Mats!! I

Very nice tutorial Mats!!

I have added it to this page: