I updated Azul to MRL 1.1.104 from .1859 which I had been using for well over a year. It turned out to be quite easy. Updated the min, max. and rest numbers in the various parts in the config folder. Also you need to make some changes to tell which parts your Inmoov has (change false to true). Changed the ports numbers for my 3 Arduinos and updated them with the latest Arduino code. There is now over 100 gestures built into the Inmoov folder which is installed along with the MyRobotLab software. Azul is much more animated with the new code. The gestures “movement number 1-4” really move the Inmoov a lot and were scary the first time I ran them. I am glad I updated to the newer MRL. All the gestures in my video are built in to the MRL download. My favorite gestures are “demonstrate your balance” and “random pause”.

Questions for Ray, Azul was built around 2 ½ years ago, so what is that in human years?

I appreciate all the combined work so many people do to keep advancing this great project.