Trying to figure out MRL ASAP

I've got my inmoov 95% built and ready to animate it. 

I've tried MRL on OSX, Ubuntu 13.4 (VMWARE) and Windows8 (VMWare), but not having any luck getting any of them to work.

My preference is OS X, but I'll live with whatever works. I have several arduinos and 2 adafruit 16 port serial boards ready to go.

On OS X Moutian Lion the arduino install seems to not work, the boards menu is empty. 

On Ubuntu the arduino compiling doesn't work

On windows, it looks like everything is working OK, but no movement.

I'm staring with one servo and experimenting with and without the servo controller.

I'm a little lost figuring out my way around MRL. For example, I understand how loading a python script brings up the tabs for various components, but how do I get the inmoov service to do that?

Grog has agreed to talk to me later today so I'm optimistic we can get everything worky :)


Current Setup I'm trying to get working:

OS X Mountian Lion 10.8.4 64bit

Oracle Java JDK 1.7

Arduino Uno 

A couple of servos to test with until I get it working. 

MRL sees arduino

No boards are listed under boards so I can't install MRLComm.ino from MRL's arduino screeen


I have installed MRLComm.ino from a regular arduino install

I can see the device under the serial devices menu


let me know other information might be valuable.





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Hi Chuck, Thanks for all the

Hi Chuck,

Thanks for all the info - that really helps considerably.  

Some things I noticed :

VMWare like VirtualBox are amazing applications, but they don't always handle hardware (specifically USB connections) perfectly.  So trying it on Windows & trying it on VMWare with Windows is not the same thing.

The virtual machines are great but they can add more complexity to problems.

So, it looks like you successfully installed MRLComm.ino into the Uno - it compiled and uploaded, is that correct?

But now your at the point where you attached a Servo - but the servo is not moving ?

Did you send a "No Worky" ?   I see you got to the dialog button, but I don't see an uploaded myrobotlab.log file from you (the result of a No Worky button press)?

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I got OSX working

Chuck I was able to successfully use the Finger starter on my 10.8.4 OS X install.  It was a while ago before he WebGUI was as advanced as it is now. I had the same problems installing MRLComm.ino through MRL so I just installed it through an external Arduino IDE. After that I was able to follow the rest of the tutorial. I hope you'll get it moving soon.  With any luck I'll find time Friday night to get my InMoov hand wowrking. If not I can try to get the finger tutorial working with the latest version of MRL again.

Grog should be able to get your setup in a "worky" state though.

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Have MRL running - Whoo Hoo

Scrapped my attempts at a OS x based setulp, or even virtual hosts based linux or windows. Dug an old notebook out of a closet, installed linux and how have a running MRL. 

Next question: How can I mix the Innmoov service with different hardware? Can I use the inmoov service but have it use 2 adafruit 16 servo boards with one arduino? Ideally I'd have arduino as my head servos and controlling two adafruit boards on each arm to minimize wiring.  Do I need to hack my own version of the inmoov service? Has anybody done this before that I can leverage it?



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Sure it will work ... it's

Sure it will work ... it's software .. its just a matter of time :)

Gael is using the 16 pwm channel board for eyes - which at the moment is not part of the InMoov service.
We did some tests and they were successful.  You are replacing many of the control points with the pwm board, but fortunately I wrote it in a way which it implements a Servo Controller interface - (just like the Arduino) so it "shouldn't" really take much to change things around.

Going forward it would be best to use the same InMoov service and not fork off a different version - since really everyone ones the same functionality - you just need special hardware configuration.

Ya, I would say it would work - not to much effort in making it work either, although I do see on part I have not accounted for - which is the addressing of multiple pwm boards (Gael and I just used 1)

So that will have to be dealt with..

The next step would be to set up a simple case ... bare minimum servos + 1 board and then begin testing from there..

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I just looked at the pictures again and it looks like your InMoov is trying to shoot webs like Spiderman.  :)

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Pimp my InMoov

That will be the next thing right? Crazy ad ons for InMoovs. So far most people have stayed true to Gael's design, but soon enough.... 

Skull horns

Spock ears

different eyes and jaws




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Hi Chuck, I just saw your

Hi Chuck,

I just saw your printed InMoov. Good work!

Beware the bicep front covers are upside down on your robot.

I hope you get it ready for New York MakerFaire

If you want I can sent you the Torso covers with the InMoov Logo.