TLD has had binaries posted from a YEAR AGO !
What have I been doing?

Yeah... that's how it feels sometimes..
I downloaded the binaries to see what it would give me..
Unzipping it on a windows box .. and what do I see ..
Ahhaaa ! Some very familiar OpenCV libraries...

core - for core opencv stuff
highgui - for the screen
imgproc - for image processing
video - for the camera
tbb - i think is for python .. dunno why they'd need that
Qt for portable windowing/display system usually.

And here we goooo !

This exe gives you a bunch of options to fill out first..

The sad thing is .. if the mouse was supposed to work on selecting a region in the video .. it doesn't work.. at least for my computer.

I manged to eventually create an initial bounding box with my eye in it.

Results = Pretty Good 

About on the same level as Face Detect in OpenCV with FIND LARGEST FACE setting on.
However, there some important differences here.  The biggest one is that this is an arbitrary region selected, with no previous training data .. Which is really the whole point of TLD - that the (L)earning is being done and accumulated each frame.

This would be very helpfu in the
"What is this?" game :
You have a camera running an OpenCV background subtraction filter.  You hold up something new in the camera field of view, it switches from background subtraction to TLD+ .. MRL would then ask "What is this" .. You would say, "A rabbit"..  MRL would say, "Ok"....
Next time you hold the rabbit up, MRL would say "I see a rabbit"

Google Goggles or Google image search could be used too - but we'll add that later.

Ok - so we definately want it in MRL... how to do it?

Possibilities on the Fastest way to get into MRL.
1. Recompile it with OpenCV - and use JNI or JNA to interface with it. 
Pros - Quick to implment Cons - Hand tool C interfaces to C++ code, have to rebuild 8 different platforms
2. Use JavaCPP
Pros - Quick & Clean  Cons - have to rebuild 8 different platforms
3. Re-implement in Java
Pros - no native code !  Cons - longer to implement

Well, time to get started with step 0 - "Use the Source Luke"

This should keep me busy until I get a working kinect :D


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please GroG help me

I have the same application that you're talking about (opentld) ... how can I make it communicates with Arduino

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please GroG help me

Hello GroG ..Thank you for your interest.... I want to do a project Alessandrino ( but using opentld
 I have application tld ( OpenTLD_1.3.0 exe)... how I can connect Arduino with OpenTLD_1.3.0 exe (for tracking camera)..
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Hello and welcom

Hello and welcom khalednor,

Currently MyRobotLab (MRL) can do tracking and a little object detection..  
It can do this by controlling a camera on a pan / tilt servo kit and using OpenCV's LKTracking & Match Template filters.

Currently there is no OpenTLD fitler - although we are interested in creating one.

We can no use the OpenTLD_1.3.0.exe by itself - work would be needed to get it into MRL as the above posts states. (creating a JNA/JNI adapter)

If there is a pure Java OpenTLD - it would probably require very little work to get it into MRL - such that it could control  an Arduino.

If you explaine more about your projects we might be able to offer different solutions - or you could help us find a pure Java OpenTLD package we could quickly incorporate into MRL.



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Hello GroG I found this

Hello GroG ,

I found this code for Java OpenTLD ( )

Please can you add OpenTLD into MRL
Please help me for communication between Arduino and OpenTLD through MRL.
Best regards,



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please GroG help me

Thank you very much GroG for your interest .. you are a good man ...
My project requires :
1_Very fast tracking.
2_is not affected by camera vibration.
3_ the possibility of tracking if the target deformation or even if it missed out the target fully.
So I guess that is the best opentld .... What do you think ?
 Is there anything better?  Help me please 
Sorry for my bad English
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please GroG help me

My problem is how to hold a connection between Arduino and openTLD 

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Ya its good that you are

Ya its good that you are trying just regular Tracking first - but if it does not work send a noWorky ..