Three Arduinos

Is there a way to have MRL control 3 arduinos in a Inmoov?

I am currently building a second Inmoov, but I am scaleing it down to 88 percent, and I want to have a Uno in the head, and 2 megas in the body.

Any thoughts?

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as many arduinos as you like.

Yes. you can use as many arduinos as you like.  

Just upload mrlcomm on it.

create the arduino service in the gui (or in python code)

attach the servos to that arduino on the proper pin.



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good luck with your project,

good luck with your project, very brave, it for sure will keep you busy for sime time!

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Scaling down

Hello Larry,

If your looking for a space saving, try the Arduino Nano instead of the Arduino Uno.

They have the same chip, run the same programs, but the Nano is physically smaller.

It like the Uno has a USB interface, but on the Nano its a mini USB.

Good luck with your creation, and don't forget the photos :-)



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88% Inmoov

I used a uno because I had a extra one from my full sized inmoov, it fits (just) but I had to remove the center stalk from inside the skull. the skull is scaled to 95% so the eyes would fit and the rest (neck) so far at 88%.    I think it will look alright.

I came up with the 88 number because where my Inmoov stands in my shop, the ceiling is 5 foot 10 inches, and at 12% smaller it should fit in his spot and as a bonus, not be so top heavy.

Also I have concerns about the power , for this one I am going to use 2 Lithium ion power tool batterys and regulate it down to 6 volts to the servos, but I will have up to 18 volts available for the legs, and they only weigh .85 Lbs each.

wish me luck, photos to follow

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More room in the head

Hello Larry,

Mats came up with a mod for the head that gives a lot more room inside the  head, this was then remixed by dix23 to get even more room.

On the full sized head, I was able to squeez in 3 raspberry pi 3 computers into the head. 

It may be worth looking into if your short on space



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I hope you are aware that you

I hope you are aware that you will most probably need to redesign all parts that hold the servos as you

a) will not find servo models that are 88% size of the originally specified ones

b) original servos will not fit into a 88% space frame

This is a lot of work - I have redesigned a few servo holders for using different servos and it's not done easily. And you look at least at 10 to 15 parts that need redesign.

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Ya, I used some parts from

Ya, I used some parts from Mats head, some from Gael and some from i can't remember on Thingiverse.

For the servos, I downloaded some adapters and resized them and put a file to them. 

I can't imagine getting 3 raspberrys in a head, must be tight.

Right now I am figuring out how to heat form the eyelids in a compound bend so they don't catch the face at the bottom of the eye.