Thank you!

huge thanks for everyone who helped me finish the inmoov project at my high school in johns creek, ga. 

I finally got everything complete and working (complete with a custom made chest piece with the school logo and led's so he looks kinda like iron man) and he finally made it to the school's morning news shows and he counted down the days of school left.

it took a lot of time and voodoo, and i definitely couldnt have done it without you guys!

Ill hopefully post some pics soon!


How do i get a filter to rotate the video on opencv? 

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Ahahaha ! That's great !

Ahahaha ! That's great !  Post links to video or the news would be great too !

Changing the orientation of the video stream can be done with the Flip filter.

Details are here - 

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Here's the

Here's the vid:

the battery was low so he was running kinda slow :CCCCC if only i had charged the battery the night before 

ill post some pics when i get home

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Great video I'm sure it was a hit with all of your classmates.

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heres some stills  

heres some stills


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is that an hovercraft chair,

is that an hovercraft chair, behind inmoov? :D

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yup, we have an engineering

yup, we have an engineering class here at my school, and as the "master project" for the sophomores they get a chance to build a hovercraft powered by a leaf blower. 

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also, i dont think that

also, i dont think that opencv flip filter wasn't what i was looking for.

that just flips it around an axis, but i need it to rotate 90 degrees counterclockwise 

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Your right .. there needs to

Your right .. there needs to be a transpose filter which hasn't been created yet.  Is there anyway to re-mount the camera correctly?  Fixing it in software will add some overhead to the video stream processing