Testing homemade pressure sensor

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Excellen senosr Markus -

Excellen senosr Markus - appears to be very sensitive

I never heard of it before ... just looked at this instructable on the web 

Velostat seems to be significantly more sensitive than the foam I have used in the past.

Great Work !  ... are you have problems with the micro ?

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Pre-Stressing !!

Conductive sensor's .... my favorite.....

I can't quite see how you have constructed the sensor.... is it just on one side of the support material.

Makes me wonder what would happen if you made a double sided version to get bi-directional capability.

I am also pondering ...... if you use a single sided version and flex it slightly then mechanically fix it (tension bar style), so even at rest its under tension.... then in operation pushing one side will increase the resistance and pushing the other side will decrease the resistance, so maybe you can fool it to respond bi-directionaly.

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Good job...

Good job Markus.... I also worked a lot on these DIY pressure sensors... Your work inspired me about making a matrix controlled pressure area.... I will work on it and will inform you too... This way we can use less input pins on arduino...