T-800 Patently overlooks InMoov Construction

T-800 Watchdog

T-800 Watch Dog monitoring the print operations for the InMoov. I have decided to go with the Brass Colored 3mm PLA filament for my build. Hopefully it comes out as sweet as my Terminater prints did.

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GroG's picture

Ahahahah !  He's really

Ahahahah ! 

He's really getting ahead of himself :D

dwilli9013's picture

A head of Himself

Good one Grog, He is nmounted to the top of my Z-Axis ans I made some neck covers to hide the servo motor.

The eyes are hooked into my bed heater so they flash and the temperature get regulated.

Hacked up some old e-boards and added them to the side of my z-axis looks pretty trick if youre into that sort of thing. Just having fun with it.