Slight beginning to Robots, started with ChatBots,

BIANCA Repository


BIANCA as a code breaker and chatbot.

BIANCA is still kind of a newish project, though I suspect it might diverge slightly. She is being built to break simple ciphers (not industry professional ones), and have simple English like commands to carry on simple conversations.

Certain things I'm having trouble with: I'm having to rewrite how emotions are handle, as I used to simply play a sound effect, but now I'm rewriting it in a slightly different way. I'm not sure how much of this will carry over into python and other languages:


class Anger

  def furrowed_brow

    # Lip is furrowed.



  def growled_lip

    # Lips are growled




c =


# Main loop for emotion structure



Programming issues

The main problem I've found with this approach, is unless I'm a doctor that knows sub classes inside and out, I might have to do an extraordinary amount of research to get this working, even in chatbot simulation environment.

I'm not sure how much of this will actually carry over when I try stuff like InMoov.

I might post the repository later, I'm trying to bug test certain things. Cordone some of the sections off to prevent overall system collapse.

Basically having to learn everything on my own.


Reasoning for emotion as a class, rather than a function.

I'm not sure if this is technically correct, but I'm finding I'm able to get more granular detail with text expressions if I do it that way. I'm incorporation the decisiontree ruby gem, and I want it to be able to go to specific expressions rather than a generic display of emotion.

The other challenge is the "Political Compass Framework Of Ethics". Mainly I originally wanted to do a ethics based behavioural approach, where the decision tree goes to a different topic path, based on what the ethics of the individualized chatbot is.

Whether this will actually work, I'm not sure.


I'm doing this in ruby as more a prototype for now, for while I learn other languages.