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I had some servo suggestions.  I was thinking it might be nice not to tie the status of the servo with the control.  I think they are 2 different things and tying them together can cause unwanted feeback and other problems.

I agree with kwatter that its nice to see the feedback in a slider, but perhaps we can have 2?  The top one in this example is control (input).  The bottom one is status (output).  You can see them move in option directions when you have the servo inverted.

Also, at the end of moveTo I've changed broadcastSate to publishServoEvent - so it only sends the value and not the whole servo on each move.

I also agree with kwatters that the 'initial' state should set the control to the current position.  I totally agree and that is done in the initial updateState.

None of these changes are checked in as I wanted to know if anyone had any feedback...

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Totally agree with those

Totally agree with those statements :) only thing is that if you use input bar which doesn't follow the actual position the servo will "jump" to the input bar state position before moving to the desired position..

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Cool ! .. changes pushed

Cool ! .. changes pushed